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Where cutting edge marketing technology meets transparency and accountability.

Who we are.

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Creative Director






Social Media

Digital Marketing

There are very few marketing initiatives that don't contain major elements of Digital Marketing. From Social Advertising to Copywriting and SEO; our team has been trained to be among the best of the best in the industry. The X² team has been featured on Television, Radio Interviews, Magazines, Podcasts and industry associated blogs. Learn why we're one of the best!

E-Commerce Consulting

The right E-Commerce campaign can turn a small business into a global brand. We've worked with some of the most iconic brands in the USA, in addition to those "under the radar" companies that use our consulting services to generate millions of dollars in revenue every month! Find out how our E-Commerce services can grow your bottom line!

WordPress Integration

We don't just use WordPress. We LIVE IT. Our team is comprised of WordPress community leaders among the most well-known in the world. When it comes to WordPress design or development we can do it all.
If you have an existing site using WordPress, we're the agency for you! Contact us today to get started with our WordPress consulting services.

Membership Site Management

A well executed Membership Site can drive millions of dollars in recurring revenue. They are not easy, as they do require lots of content, marketing and development; but the rewards are exponential. We have worked with some of the largest membership sites on the Internet, managing over 5 million cumulative users every month! Learn how we can help you too!

How we work.

1 Let us know about your goals and ambitions with your digital property. Whether you have just an idea or a fully functional entity, we're here to help you guide your plan from concept to implementation. We will formulate a plan that provides the exposure, technology and revenue goals to match your budget.

2 Our team will present a full proposal and statement of work for the project. You may qualify for a monthly retainer discount if the program will be ongoing. We will completely task out your project in our shared collaboration system. This provides complete transparency and accountibility to our clients.

3 On a regular basis we will provide clear, concise reports focusing on engagement, traffic and return on investment. We pride ourselves on project development with revenue as our primary initiative. We've grown companies to increase revenue in the millions of dollars. Could you be our next success story?

Why Call Ourselves X²?

Digital Marketing has evolved. Like the monumental shift from simple math (2+2=4) to taking things to the next level.

Think about it.

When you went from math to algebra, your whole world changed! Math wasn’t just a linear thing anymore. There are shifting variables and complex formulas involved, just like the marketing technologies of today. Thus, we took things to an exponential level when naming our company!